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Why is Aquamore the business finance company for me?

At Aquamore, we understand that funding acquisition can be time-critical when planning your strategic goals. One of our unique propositions in the market is that we can offer a swift turnaround from application to releasing of funds in comparison to more traditional business loan companies and banks. Our expertise and investment knowledge means we have our finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to the current economic climate. As such, we can leverage these insights to ensure the best possible loan terms for our clients.

Standard Product matrix

Property TypeLVRs
Standard residential house (metro area)75%
Standard commercial (metro area)70%
Residential Apartments70%
Commercial (non-metro)62.5%
Land Banking55%
Rural & SpecialisedCase by case TBD

SMSF Lending

Aquamore provides a debt solution for SMSF transactions on a case by case basis. We will consider up to 70% LVR on residential properties and 65% LVR on commercial assets. We have no minimum liquididty thresholds and we have no postcode or density restrictions. All SMSF lending rules must be adhered to and all applicants must receive independent legal and financial advice prior to drawdown.

Commercial Finance

Land Bridging Finance

As one of Australia’s leading boutique, non-banking commercial lenders, Aquamore is highly experienced in securing land bridging arrangements for a range of clients across the country.

Commercial Finance

Short-term Bridge Loans

A short term bridging loan is a popular finance option for property developers and investors as it offers a stronger, more flexible position when it comes to land and property acquisition

Commercial Finance

Short-Term Commercial Loans

Short term commercial loans are designed to provide your business with quick and easy access to capital for a wide variety of enterprise needs.

Commercial Finance

Secured Business Loans

Get exclusive access to competitive secured commercial loans rates by borrowing against your company’s real estate assets.

Commercial Finance

Commercial Property Loan

The Aquamore team specialises in taxation law, management and substantial property acquisition, meaning you’ll be in the best hands when you find your commercial real estate lender with us.

Commercial Finance

Commercial Business Loans

We offer a range of commercial loan options, allowing you to select the package that’s most suited to your business proposition.

Investment Funds

Property Funds

Aquamore’s Property Funds primary focus is acquiring regional and rural shopping centres, university student accommodation and affordable, subsidised rental accommodation.

Investment Funds

Investment Funds

Aquamore’s lending policy for all Investment Funds requires loans to be secured against real property assets that are assessed to have broad market appeal and enable a controlled investment exit.

Commercial Finance

Commercial Finance

The company is increasingly the preferred choice for brokers with larger, more complex commercial transactions who appreciate efficiency, transparency and competitive rates.


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