How Aquamore Lending Works

Aquamore is an institutionally-backed private lender that provides commercial finance to Australian businesses, property developers, and investors. The company is renowned for delivering quick, competitive, and flexible lending solutions to support business growth, nationwide.

Here’s an overview of the loan process:

How Aquamore Lending Works

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Loan enquiry

Aquamore provides commercial funding exclusively through finance brokers. Brokers can connect with us via our Online Contact Us Form. Alternatively, brokers can get in touch with our Business Development Managers directly to workshop a scenario.

Here’s what we need to understand for each deal:

The purpose of the loan

Tell us why the client requires the loan. Why not read some of our client testimonials to understand what has motivated other businesses to apply for funding.

The ideal loan amount

Aquamore provides AU$300K – AU$5M for commercial purposes.

The loan term

Our loan terms typically range from 3 – 36 months.

The exit strategy

We need to understand how the client will meet payment terms and comfortably exit the loan.

Complete loan application form

Once the broker has the above information, the application process can commence. For more information about the types of funding available, go to the loan services page. Alternatively, apply for a loan here.

Aquamore loan assessment

The loan assessment stage can take as little as 24 hours, provided all information is submitted. Our credit analysts will consider the application and revert with any questions, if required.

Letter of offer

A letter of offer is issued once an application is approved. This clearly outlines the loan’s terms and conditions.

Valuation ordered

Next, a valuation is ordered to verify the security (property.


Once the valuation is confirmed, a contract will be developed, which stipulates all loan details.

Funds released

Funds are released upon the borrower’s and Aquamore’s authorisation of the contract.

Our team very much looks forward to hearing about your client’s growth and success!

Thank you for considering Aquamore.

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