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Since we began operations, Aquamore has delivered in excess of AUD$100-million of commercial lending for businesses across Australia.

A commercial business loan that is right for you

Whether you’re a real estate developer or you head up a manufacturing firm, Aquamore can support you in expanding your company or property portfolio or diversifying your product line. We offer a range of commercial loan options, allowing you to select the package that will suit your plans.

Our commercial bridging loans for example are ideal for developers looking to secure short term capital to ensure the continual progress of a project while longer term finance is finalised and put in place. For capital intensive commercial and residential property ventures, our development finance packages can provide a cash injection with a quick turnaround and competitive terms. It may be that you’re looking to invest in an Research and Development project and require funding to get started. In this case, a secured business loan may be what you need to get it off the ground. When you partner with Aquamore to secure funding for your commercial interests, we have several advantages over larger, traditional lenders such as banks. Firstly, our specialist team is highly experienced in handling complex applications for large projects so can provide invaluable input at this stage. Additionally, as a boutique lender, we can offer excellent rates and secure approval quickly, with capital deposited faster. To find out more about our commercial loan offering, you can consult our frequently asked questions below. 


Why Aquamore for your business expansion loan?

Aquamore provides fast flexible commercial finance – which is very different to traditional lenders, such as banks.

Commercial business funding experts 

Our specialist team is highly experienced in handling complex applications for business owners of large projects and can provide invaluable input at this stage. 

The best business loan interest rates – fast 

As a boutique lender, we can offer excellent commercial loan rates and secure approval quickly, with capital deposited faster.

Transparent cost structure 

We don’t bury hidden fees and charges or unexpected establishment fees deep in terms and conditions. As a small business, you can be confident in our total transparency. 

Learn more about Aquamore business loan offers, and discuss your financial situation and eligibility to apply.

Our commercial bridging loans, for example, are ideal for developers looking to secure short-term capital to ensure the continued progress of a project while longer-term finance is finalised and put in place. 


Our development finance packages can provide a cash injection with a quick turnaround and competitive terms for capital-intensive commercial and residential property ventures. 


You may be looking to invest in a Research and Development project and require funding to get started. In this case, a secured business loan could be what you need to get it off the ground. 

The specific terms of your loan will depend on the nature of your project. At aquamore, we offer funding from 3 to 24 months. For more information and to discuss your individual position with an expert, you can get in touch with the team to tailor a capital product to your needs. We’re experienced in managing bespoke requests and circumstances and can therefore work with you to find the best financial solution for your business venture.

As with the commercial loan term, your loan rates will depend on a range of factors relating to your proposition but as an illustration, first mortgage rates start from 6% per annum and second mortgage rates are offered from 1.2% per month.

There are several factors that will be taken into account when assessing your eligibility for a commercial property loan. As a lender, we look at the financial health of your business currently as well as historic performance. The amount you’re currently owing on any outstanding debts will also be a factor in addition to existing assets and what deposit you’re in a position to put down on the property. This is typically required to be between 25-30% depending on the location of the property you’re purchasing. If you’re unsure about your eligibility to borrow capital, contact us today to speak to a qualified Aquamore executive who can provide recommendations on your next steps and assist you with your application.

Your commercial proposal and its associated costs will determine how much you need to apply for by way of capital from Aquamore but as a guideline, we facilitate funds between AUD $100,000 and $30million. Our Commercial Finance page details working examples of loans ranging in size that have been recently issued to Australian businesses for purposes such as machinery upgrades and residential development. These examples include details of the loan amount, agreement in place and the rates/exit arranged.

Essentially, these two loan types are one and the same with the primary difference being the phrasing used. A business or commercial loan is designed to support business owners to grow and develop their enterprise, opening up new opportunities and increasing turnover.

Residential loans are targeted to prospective or existing homeowners, allowing them to enter the domestic property market and own their own home. Commercial loans are established for developers or business owners looking to grow their property portfolio or undertake a real estate development project or grow their business. Commercial loans typically incur higher interest rates than residential loans due to their nature and will be in place on a shorter term basis than residential loans.

Since 2016, the Aquamore team has assisted businesses across Australia to grow and develop their commercial enterprises. We are a team of highly experienced executives, specialising in niche business areas including management, finance, property and taxation law. Our knowledge spans both Australia wide and overseas. We’re compliant with financial regulations and hold current AFSL and Credit Licences. Our auditing is carried out by leading external financial consultants including KPMG and Deloitte. At Aquamore, we’re committed to supporting Australian operations to grow and develop by securing capital to allow for expansion and diversification.

We’re Sydney based, with our Head Office located in Sydney’s CBD. You can contact us by phone or alternatively you can use our online enquiry form to submit a request for a member of the team to contact you.

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