Short-Term Commercial Loans

Short-Term Commercial Loans

As part of Aquamore’s commercial finance offering, we provide short-term commercial loans that deliver quick and easy access to capital for a wide variety of enterprise needs. With a short-term loan, you can:

  • Hire seasonal employees
  • Purchase upgraded machinery
  • Increase inventory for peak periods

Short term commercial finance allows you to prepare for any arising enterprise need, even if it is unplanned. A loan from a reputable credit lender like Aquamore can easily settle both small and large business expenses. Indeed, we can quickly approve short-term loan applications, making funds available quickly.

Qualifying: for a Short-Term Commercial Loan

Through Aquamore, you will find a wide range of short-term commercial loan specialists who would be delighted to discuss your specific situation. We’re here to provide a repayment term in line with the risk profile of your business.


Short Term Commercial Loan Offers

Many short-term lenders in Australia offer borrowers a maximum of up to $500K in loans on a fixed repayment period of fewer than two years. While this may suffice for specific business circumstances, not all organisations can meet the terms that short-term lenders set. Why? Because short-term finance in Australia typically depends on your annual revenue, business age, business credit score, and previous bankruptcies when creating your loan offer.

However, at Aquamore, we specialise in providing up to $5M short-term commercial loans available through approved mortgage brokers. Our sizeable funding allows us to offer you competitive first and second mortgage rates that are not dependent on raising new capital:

  • Up to $5M in available funding*
  • From 6% p.a., pending risk profile
  • Up to 24-month loan term
  • Maximum 75% Loan to Value Ratio

Interested to know more? Visit About Aquamore to learn more about our story.


Repayment Of Short-Term Commercial Loans

The average short-term loan is usually settled within a year but can be paid for as long as 24-months in extreme situations. Feel free to discuss any questions about repaying your short-term finance with your commercial loan service provider.


Aquamore Short-Term Lending

Aquamore is the country’s premier private commercial lender. We specialise in providing businesses with real estate secured, short-term commercial loans. As a private lender, we prioritise our relationships with small businesses as they face challenges at every step of their journey. Approaching the lending market with a wholesale funding facility allowing us to offer incredibly reasonable short-term finance to support the local economy.

We assess all short-term lending applications on a case-by-case basis. Whether your client’s business is brand new, has limited revenue or suffers from bad credit, we are here to help. If you are a broker representing a client keen to apply for a loan, contact an Aquamore Short-Term Loan Specialist for more information.

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