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Short Term Bridging Loans from Aquamore

A short-term bridging loan, also sometimes referred to as a short-term property loan, is a popular finance option for property developers and investors as it offers a stronger, more flexible position when it comes to land and property acquisition. Short-term business bridge loans are increasingly preferred by investors and developers as they often require fast, flexible finance for property and land acquisition. Aquamore is a leading Australian private lender of fast bridging loans and other specialist loan services designed to help your business grow.

Aquamore Short-Term Property Loans

Purchase your next property before you have sold or settled with an Aquamore short-term bridging loan.

  • Fast funding
  • Flexible conditions
  • Highly competitive interest rates
  • Poor credit score not an obstacle
  • $300K – $5M available
  • Solution focussed

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Loan bridging benefits

Bridging finance delivers many advantages and can be utilised in a number of circumstances.

  1. A short-term property loan may be used to complete an unfinished development project in order to release previously restricted capital.
  2. Bridging loans can enable investors the funds required to purchase land or property before or at auction.
  3. These funds often provide a source of capital that isn’t available through a mainstream lender due to restricted credit appetite.

"I'd like to express my gratitude to Matthew for his professionalism during our recent settlement. Matthew's dedication and patience were clearly demonstrated throughout our collaboration, which spanned from the loan settlement to the loan facility payout – he was very easy to work with. This made our partnership truly enjoyable. I'm delighted to share that our client was very satisfied with their experience. Thank you! I'm eagerly anticipating the opportunity to collaborate with you and the Aquamore Finance team once more."

Shane St Reynolds

"I have been dealing with Aquamore Finance for several years. My BDM, Candice Lee has been an absolute gem in assisting my various client matters to be resolved and successfully dealt with. The service is excellent, attention and prompt attention make my job easier which in turn makes me look good with our clients. Highly recommended."

John Codrington

"Cannot fault the team here! Michael Rhee is the GOAT!! Always responsive and realistic unlike other lenders in this space. Will workshop deals with you and try and find a solution in every instance plus won’t drag you around for weeks if the deal can’t be done. Give them a try and you won’t be disappointed!!"

Andre Young

"Aquamore Finance provided my business with a commercial finance facility for working capital purposes, and I couldn't be happier. Their speed to market and competitive pricing structure was exactly what we required at the time."

Andrea Barbosa

Short-term bridging loan terms and repayments

Terms and repayments of short-term property funding will depend on the individual circumstances of the organisation applying for the loan. The loan amount available ranges from $300K to $5M.

Interest rates on bridging loans

Interest rates vary depending on the loan type, amount, term, LVR and usage. Click here for more information.

Apply in minutes

The safe, secure online application is intuitive and easy to use.

Fast approval

We assess applications as quickly as possible – often within 24 hours.

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Release your equity and start growing your business the way you planned!

Why businesses prefer Aquamore for short-term bridging finance

Aquamore is an established private lender providing commercial finance to SMEs, property developers, and investors.

Founded in 2016, Aquamore offers institutionally-backed, property-secured commercial finance (business and property), bridging loans and land-bridging finance. The Group has no industry or postcode restrictions and will consider credit-impaired borrowers.

The company distributes exclusively through brokers and has a comprehensive product suite. Click here for more information.

In contrast to traditional financial lenders, Aquamore is renowned for delivering quick, competitive, and flexible lending solutions to support businesses, nationwide.

Aquamore has now partnered with some of the largest aggregators in Australia, giving their brokers direct access to our funding lines.

Don’t let a low credit score stop you from applying for commercial finance. Have your finance broker contact our open-minded BDM team about our short-term bridging loans today.

Short-term bridge loan case study

The following short-term business bridge loans case study highlights one example where we supported business growth. Have your finance broker contact us to discuss your specific short-term bridging finance project for a more detailed overview of representative rates and terms.

Every short-term financing is unique. Business borrowers are increasingly seeking short-term funding to support their next venture. This particular client utilised Aquamore’s capital bridging finance for a real estate development project:

Usage: Short-term property finance enabled an Australian-owned building company specialising in developing affordable housing to secure five building sites located in QLD and NSW.

Amount: $3,490,500

Purpose: Land purchase for several affordable investment property housing developments.

Term: 12 months

LVR: 60% interest paid monthly

Loan structure:

  • First registered mortgage security over all five properties
  • First Ranking General Security Agreement over all the assets and undertakings of the Borrower
  • Share mortgage over the borrower
  • Directors’ and/or Personal Guarantees of the borrower

Contact us about bridging loans in Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

A short-term commercial bridging loan provides finance to businesses for a range of purposes.

All Australian lenders have their own nuances and requirements. Applying for a short-term loan with Aquamore is straightforward. The finance broker applies for a loan on behalf of the borrower. This application is assessed, and, following the necessary due diligence, the application is either approved or declined. We strive to make the application process and assessment efficient and painless.

Aquamore is renowned for providing solution-based short-term finance facilities to support business growth. The lender is increasingly preferred by aggregators, brokers and direct borrowers seeking fast, flexible commercial finance.

Businesses can enquire about commercial funding through their finance broker. The national Business Development Team can be contacted here.

Businesses can enquire about commercial funding through their finance broker.

Bridging loans traditionally use equity in your existing property, so a deposit is not always necessary.H3: How long can you have a bridging loan for? Aquamore typically provides loan terms from 1 – 36 months.

In the right circumstances, a loan can be extended subject to standard rollover terms.

Rates vary on the amount required, term of the loan, LVR and product type.

Again, the loan rates vary on the amount required, term of the loan, LVR and product type. Aquamore has set fees and charges and a transparent cost structure.

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