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What are bridging loans?

A bridging loan is a short-term facility commonly used to finance time-sensitive opportunities. Common uses include ‘bridging the gap’ between buying and selling a property, advance payment for bulk purchases, or investing in equipment to help streamline operations. Increasingly, short-term bridging loans are utilised by developers and investors for land and property acquisition.

How do bridging loans work in Australia?

Bridging loans are typically structured as one facility over two seperate properties with the facility being paid down (end debt) or distinguished in full (no end debt) after the sale of one of those properties. The facilities are commonly interest-only or accrue interest (to be paid by the proceeds of the sale of your existing property in a capitalised manner.) They are useful to take advantage of potential aribitrage or situations where a higher than usual level of gearing is required for a short time.

Are bridging loans a good idea?

The best person to answer this is a finance broker, ideally in collaboration with an accountant and/ or a financial planner, to assess the financial situation in comparison to your company goals. Bridging loans are increasingly utilised by Australian businesses to smooth out cash flow crunches and support growth. Read about some Aquamore case studies of bridging loans for commercial property. See why we are considered one of the ‘best bridging loans in Australia’ and learn how other businesses have benefited.

What is the interest rate on bridging loans?

Interest rates on bridging loans vary from lender to lender. Aquamore is known for its low-rate bridging loans that help facilitate business growth. Similarly, the company is committed to keeping fees and charges as low as possible and always being transparent about what’s involved in the loan process (as well as regular updates on the loan balance).

We assess applications quickly

Bridging loans by their very nature are to be turned around quickly, which is why Aquamore is becoming the market leader in providing fast bridging loans to Australian businesses and property developers – this includes both large and small bridging loans.

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