We Create Investment Opportunities that Most of the Market Never Sees

Aquamore has an appetite for strategic, creative, growth. We provide wealth opportunities to sophisticated, wholesale, and institutional investors by capitalising on changing market conditions and niche market sectors that are often overlooked by larger fund managers. Our Funds are operated with an equal focus on high performance returns, risk mitigation and pragmatic exit strategies. The majority of our investments are secured by real property assets.

Aquamore’s approach is, at a minimum, to place investors’ interests on the same elevation as our own. We take a significant position in each Fund issued by the company. In some instances, we assume a first-loss option, transferring risk away from investors and placing their interests ahead of ours.

Our investment methodology is tied closely to our ability to act with speed and flexibility. Although our investment decisions are framed by defined policies and procedures, Aquamore is not restricted to a house-style. We are open to a wide aperture of investment options and will draw on in-house and external expertise to ensure each decision is supported by a significant body of knowledge and market experience.

Aquamore is a private lending group, supporting Australia’s thriving small business economy through competitive offerings on commercial finance options. The approach we take to lending with competitive rates makes us one of the country’s preferred options for businesses looking to acquire a long-term commercial loan for their real estate investing needs. We provide borrowers with favorable terms in an extremely competitive environment.

To date, our firm has delivered over $100m to businesses via loans against senior debt and mezzanine debt loans. Aquamore has current Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) and Credit Licenses. Our unique niche in the market offers fast approvals and settlements for any loan size.

  • Loan amounts between $300K – $5M
  • 3-24-month repayment terms
  • Rates from 6%p.a. pending risk profile
Executive Team

Aquamore’s team comprises executives with complementary business, property, finance, management, and taxation law skills. The team has substantial acquisition, management and divestment experience in Australia and internationally. Operating as a close-knit unit, Aquamore’s executives are primed to assess investments and make decisions quickly and implement them efficiently.

External Oversight

Aquamore funds are overseen by an Investment Committee and a Compliance or Credit Committee, with each including at least one independent member. Our funds’ financial reports are audited by KPMG or Deloitte.

Investment Opportunities

“Aquamore were a pleasure to deal with and made the commercial loan application process really easy. I will certainly consider using them again on my next project”

Karam Boutique Property development

“Sharp pricing and very quick turnaround time”

Westbrook Capital

“Strong appetite for commercial lending reflected in competitive pricing and high LVR’s”

Patch Capital

“Transparent offering for our self-managed super property and a very quick service, could not be happier”

Martin Sydney


Meet Your Team

Matthew Porch Head of Distribution

Matthew heads up the broker distribution team ensuring a smooth end to end service for our valuable referral partners. Matthew held various relationship and credit roles at one of the majors before transitioning into the non-bank space. Based out of our head office in Sydney.

Matthew Porch

Head of Distribution

EMAIL MATTHEW TEL: 0482 777 222
Richard Planca NSW BDM

Richard has a strong background in development finance and is very capable when it comes to funding site acquisitions and early stage development deals.

Richard Planca


EMAIL RICHARD TEL: 0498 667 553
Narine Kalloghlian NSW BDM

Narine Kalloghlian


EMAIL NARINE TEL: 0456 719 140

Lewis Miles


EMAIL LEWIS TEL: 0491 271 771

Natasha Lea


EMAIL Natasha TEL: 0482 666 222
Michael Rhee VIC BDM

Based in Sydney’s North Shore Michael has a wealth of experience in the private lending market and is able to structure a deal to fit your client’s circumstances with ease

Michael Rhee


Email MICHAEL TEL: 0499 451 333
Darren McLeod VIC BDM

Darren McLeod

VIC Broker Development Officer

EMAIL DARREN TEL: 0437 853 980
Brett Winzer VIC BDM

Brett Winzer


EMAIL BRETT TEL: 0488 319 926

Jon Corbett


EMAIL JON TEL: 0483 033 241

Emily Jack


EMAIL EMILY TEL: 0484 262 545
Michael Riddiford

Michael Riddiford


EMAIL MICHAEL TEL: 0487 555 038

Victoria Graves


EMAIL VICTORIA TEL: 0418 378 532

Joe Williams


EMAIL JOE TEL: 0499 169 670
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