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Leading Australian commercial finance lenders, Aquamore provides small to medium enterprises with up to $7.5M in commercial funding to scale and thrive. But we go beyond simply providing capital – we strive to understand your business’s unique needs and nuances. Our flexible, open-minded approach offers you tailored, innovative commercial financing solutions. A seamless online application makes the process fast and fuss-free for your commercial finance broker. So, consider Aquamore the strategic ally and support your business needs to start achieving its goals. 

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Types of Commercial Finance Loans

As a leading private lender in Australia offering real estate-secured loans, Aquamore can meaningfully contribute to business growth and success through any of the short-term commercial loans below.

Commercial Business Loans
Commercial Property Loan
Secured Business Loans in Commercial Lending
Short-Term Commercial Loans

Benefits of Commercial Lending

Aquamore’s commercial finance offering provides a myriad of solutions for supporting businesses that need a cash-flow boost, such as:

  • Recruiting staff (permanent or casual, over a business period)
  • Purchasing more inventory
  • Expanding marketing reach
  • Increasing working capital
  • Financing building purchases

Businesses utilising commercial funding for building spaces often deal with specific challenges. The right funding solutions can support:

Property Investments

Investing in property is an important long-term business finance strategy for many companies. 

Owner-Occupied Building

A commercial loan can help you take advantage of the right lease opportunity when it comes along.

Commercial Refinancing

If you find yourself in a situation where an existing commercial loan is unfavourable, refinancing may be an option that can help you save money over the life of the loan.


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Your Trusted Commercial Lender

Aquamore is increasingly preferred by commercial finance brokers  – especially those who appreciate efficiency, transparency and competitive rates. We are well-placed to manage simple scenarios, as well as larger, more complex commercial transactions.

Our Niche Sheet provides a product snapshot and an overview of Aquamore’s ‘sweet spot.’ 

Since inception, we have delivered $~650M in commercial funding to Australian SMEs. It’s your turn.

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Qualifying for a Commercial Loan

When qualifying a borrower for a business loan, our commercial finance specialist considers all aspects of the loan, including:

  • The loan purpose, amount, terms and conditions.
  • The overall business position (including, but not limited to, the business credit rating).
  • The exit strategy.

Unlike many commercial loan providers, Aquamore takes a holistic approach when reviewing your business risk profile. As a private lending group, we can provide favourable, flexible terms that aren’t typically available outside the private lending sector. Whether your business has great or impacted credit, Aquamore will review each application on a case-by-case basis. Find out more about Aquamore today.

Is a Commercial Loan Right For Your Business?

Whether a commercial loan (or any finance facility) is right for your business depends on your specific business needs, and is best guided by a finance broker in conjunction with an accountant. Have your commercial mortgage broker contact us to understand if this option works for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial finance refers to a suite of finance products that provide short or long-term solutions for businesses to meet their targets.

Commercial finance at Aquamore refers to short-term loans starting at $300,000.

Typically this type of financing is provided when a business encounters certain obstacles that might delay or prevent growth. Commercial financing provides a cash injection to help businesses bypass these challenges.

Aquamore commercial finance is available to small and medium-sized Australian businesses that demonstrate a legitimate need.

Mortgage brokers acting on behalf of their clients may apply for Aquamore commercial finance. The online application process is very straight-forward and can be as fast as 72 hours. Simply follow the Apply Now prompts or contact our team for more information.

Here at Aquamore, we provide a range of options, including commercial business loans, commercial property loans, secured business loans and short-term commercial loans.

Aquamore loans begin at $300K to $3-million+. However, we take an open-minded approach to each SME application and can provide loans outside of this range.

Unlike more traditional loan providers, Aquamore takes a liberal approach to the nature and needs of our SME applicants. Provided your need is legitimate and you meet our eligibility criteria, you should qualify very quickly for commercial finance.

Aquamore wants to help Australian SMEs succeed and flourish. We work hard to maintain the most competitive interest rates available at any point in time.

You will require a mortgage broker to act on your behalf. They can apply online for a loan by simply following our prompts and providing relevant information. Supporting evidence will be required. However, this can be provided at a later point if not to hand at the time of application. We work to make our application process as simple and fluid as possible.

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