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Expand Your Business Prospects with a Commercial Property Loan from Aquamore

Aquamore commercial property loans help Australian businesses purchase or refinance properties. Our private lending experts understand Australian commercial purchaser and investor needs and are renowned for providing fast, flexible, tailored commercial finance.

Aquamore can help SMEs to quickly secure up to $7.5M for a short-term business property loan

Don’t let your business miss out. Get ahead and have your finance broker contact Aquamore about our loans for commercial property.

Why your Business May Seek a Loan for Commercial Property

There are many reasons your business might require a loan for commercial property, including:

  • Upgrading to a new commercial premise.
  • Investing in technology.
  • Enhancing or purchasing new equipment to achieve greater efficiencies, scale or product diversification.
  • Hiring new staff.
  • Expanding into different markets.
  • Increasing sales and marketing activity.

Our Innovative solutions have secured more than $100M in loans for Australian businesses – be one of them

Commercial Real Estate Finance Application Process

  1. Our commercial property loan process is designed for efficiency and ease. Your commercial loan broker or financial planner can use our simple online application form. If certain documentation isn’t readily accessible, they can proceed with the process and provide it at a later stage. 
  2. Once the application is submitted, the Aquamore team efficiently processes the request. Because we’re not a traditional bank lender, we’re not bound by rigid processes and restrictions. This means we consider every application we receive and work out the best loan solution for each circumstance. 

Keep in mind that commercial loans for property typically require a larger deposit than residential loans. However, again this is something we can discuss with your finance broker.

Get Ahead With Aquamore Commercial Investment Property Loans

The Aquamore team specialises in:

  • Rapid approval process.
  • Easy online application.
  • Flexible loan payment terms (three to 24 months).
  • Open-minded approach, where every application is viewed holistically.
  • Generous loan amounts ($300K - $7.5M).
  • Specialist lending knowledge.
  • Responsive customer service.

Find out how fast & easy applying can be. Contact Aquamore commercial property lending – 02 9258 888

Frequently Asked Questions

Aquamore provides short-term commercial finance solutions, with repayment terms typically from 3 – 24 months. Commercial property loan interest rates depend on a number of variables, including the deposit amount compared to the total amount of the loan (also known as the ‘LTV ratio’ or LVR), loan term, and conditions.

Your finance broker is well-placed to help you determine whether you qualify for a commercial property loan. An Aquamore team member will work with your mortgage broker or financial planner to assess your eligibility for a commercial loan.

To illustrate previous arrangements we made on behalf of our clients, here are two case studies demonstrating our commercial loans in practice: 

Case Study 1: 

Loan AmountAUD$910,000
Facility Requirement:  Business working capital
Use & Structure: An established packaging business, based in NSW required a working capital loan. The business has been established for nearly 50 years and specialises in the food, nutritional and industrial packaging sector.
Loan Term: 3 months
Key Ratios: Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR) of 65% with interest serviced monthly
Recourse: First registered mortgage security over the residential property in Carlingford, NSW. First Ranking General Security Agreement over all the assets and undertakings of the Borrower. Share Mortgage over the Borrower. Directors’ and/or Personal Guarantees of the Borrower.

Case Study 2:

Loan Amount: AUD$3,490,500
Facility Requirement: Acquisition of land for residential housing
Use & Structure: This commercial loan assisted a developer with the financing of 5 building sites in QLD and Schofields, NSW. The company is an Australian-owned builder based in NSW specialising in the provision of affordable housing developments.
Loan Term: 12 months
Key Ratios: Maximum Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) below 60% with interest serviced monthly
Recourse: First registered mortgage security over all 5 properties. First Ranking General Security Agreement over all the assets and undertakings of the Borrower. Share Mortgage over the Borrower. Directors’ and/or Personal Guarantees of the Borrower.

Aquamore’s loan terms are typically three to 24 months.

Aquamore provides $300K – $7.5M in commercial loans for business purposes.

Finance brokers are encouraged to discuss SME commercial property lending options with the team.

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