Applying for a Business Loan

Applying for a Business Loan

Aquamore provides fast, flexible and competitive private lending solutions to Australian businesses, investors and developers. So if you’re looking to apply for a flexible, competitive and transparent short-term business loan, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you want to apply for a commercial loan, short-term loan or you need bridging finance, we’ve streamlined and simplified the process for you in just four easy steps.

Take the next step towards success and fill in our easy business loan application form below!

Who Can Apply for a Loan?

The business proprietor or director’s finance broker can apply for a line of credit or short term loan on behalf of the business.

Types of Business Loans and How to Apply

With Aquamore, you can apply for a range of short-term business lending solutions to suit your needs.

We have short-term bridging loans to give property developers and investors finance when purchasing property. We also offer short-term commercial loans for quick and easy access to capital if your business needs to ensure the progress of a project while longer-term finance is being finalised. Our secured business loans are for those who want to obtain funds by providing business assets as collateral.

Getting a loan is easy with Aquamore’s online loan application form. When applying online, we just need to know the loan amount you want to borrow and the terms, what the funds will be used for, how it will benefit your business and what you’ll provide as security. We will also need your personal details as well as business details, bank accounts and liabilities.

Once you’ve completed the form, your submission will be assessed by our credit analysts within a very fast timeframe. If approved, a letter of offer will be issued. After that, legal terms will be confirmed and the funds will be released. It’s that simple!

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