Three Questions To Ask About Commercial Property Loans

Commercial Property Loans

A commercial property loan is a business loan secured on non-residential property. Lenders like Aquamore use this commercial asset as security to offset risk. 

As all business owners know, quick cash can be the difference between growth or decline, failure or success. Your business may need commercial real estate finance to fund any number of scenarios, such as:

  • Implementing new technology across the workplace. 
  • Building, expanding operations or taking out land finance to increase a physical footprint. 
  • Upgrading or replacing critical equipment. 
  • Managing cash flow for payroll, invoices or multiple payments due at once. 

As a leading private commercial finance lender, Aquamore specialises in providing funding for a broad spectrum of business purposes. Here are three questions your commercial loan broker must be able to answer on your behalf when applying for a business loan.


Questions your commercial mortgage broker must ask on your behalf 


Which lender is best for a commercial property loan? 

The answer to this question is always dependent on your circumstances. A finance broker, preferably in conjunction with your accountant, is well-placed to help navigate which style of lending and product type best suits your requirements. It’s important to not focus solely on rate, but consider all aspects of the loan, including its turnaround of funds, terms, fees and clauses. In addition, alternative finance lenders often have the option of an online application, which is a convenient option for many business borrowers. Again, each lender will require different types and volumes of documents when considering an application. 


How long are commercial property loans? 

The duration of a commercial property loan is extremely varied. In some cases, it may be months, in others, decades. This will depend entirely on the commercial property loan purpose.


What are the current commercial property loan rates?

Again, commercial property loan rates vary substantially from lender to lender and are affected by the loan purpose, size and duration


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