Self-Managed Super Funds: Property Investment Loans Explained

Self-Managed Super Funds Property Investment Loans Explained

Helping more Australians retire comfortably is in the nation’s best interests, and superannuation plays a key role in achieving this goal. At Aquamore, we are committed to supporting business clients interested in buying property through a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

Private lending for SMSFs is experiencing a surge as a response to major lenders withdrawing from the sector. Consequently, finance brokers are increasingly turning to Aquamore for quick and flexible self-managed super fund loans tailored to business borrowers. Because we’re not a traditional bank, we’re renowned for thinking ‘outside the box’ and assessing each applicant on their individual merit.

Are you interested? If so, this article should provide you with some good general background information about SMSFs and what needs to be considered before applying. Remember: our team is always available to answer brokers’ specific enquiries and assist with your client’s application.

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What are self-managed super funds?

SMSFs are a form of privately managed superannuation funds to finance retirement. They are typically established by a family or an individual who assumes full responsibility as the fund’s Trustee. The Trustee is in charge of investment decisions and regulatory compliance.

The SMSF sector is expanding, driven by a rising preference among both younger and more mature Australians to seize and retain control of their finances. Property has long been, and remains, a fundamental element in the portfolios of many SMSFs.

What is the required deposit for an investment property in an SMSF?

The amount required for a deposit depends on several variables, including the borrower’s profile, situation, property in question and the lender’s loan criteria. Good news: Aquamore has no minimum liquidity and offers some of the most flexible loan terms available. We’re not in the business of forcing ‘square pegs to fit round holes,’ and we consider every application with an open mind based on its merits.

Aquamore’s self-managed super fund loan range

Aquamore’s self-managed super fund property investment loans are between $300K to $5M.

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Self-managed super fund property investment – one client success story

There are many ways to approach SMSF borrowing. We recommend seeking professional financial advice before committing to an SMSF, purchasing a property, or applying for funding.

Here’s an example of where Aquamore helped a business with an established SMSF to extend their property portfolio:

An SMSF borrowed money to purchase commercial office space. The client then rented the space from the self-managed superannuation fund, creating a tax-effective investment strategy. Essentially, the money they now spend on rent effectively contributes to their super fund. This was done in conjunction with the businesses’ financial planner and accountant to ensure that all necessary criteria were met and could be maintained.

Superannuation tax incentives

SMSF borrowing can be tax-effective if structured correctly. However, we recommend making tax decisions with the business’ accountant, finance broker, and financial planner.

It is possible to purchase more than one self-managed super fund property

SMSFs often include multiple properties. Before considering any property purchase or respective funding, it is best to check all aspects of a self-managed super fund set-up with an accountant.

Restrictions on SMSF loans

As you can imagine, there are strict rules governing SMSFs in Australia.

Your client must become familiar with all regulations, compliance requirements and legalities.

Learn about our self-managed super funds property investment loans

We encourage brokers to contact our team to workshop a scenario or learn more about Aquamore’s SMSF finance facilities. We’re here to make funding applications as simple as possible, and we look forward to helping you and your business clients!
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Care has been taken to ensure the content herewith is correct at the time of writing. However, this information is provided for discussion purposes only. Parties relying on this content should undertake their own independent research and enquiries before deciding if this is of relevance to you. Terms, conditions, fees and charges may apply. Normal lending criteria apply. Rates are subject to change. Approved applicants only.

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