Making short-term finance easier (not harder) post-pandemic

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Here at Aquamore, we believe major lenders have made short-term finance in Australia harder, not easier. They’ve made a fundamental error in assessing the after-effects of COVID and, particularly, how to approach short-term lending. Now is the time when businesses need capital to get through any pandemic fall-out, reduced LVRs and market confidence drops. However, instead of rising to the occasion and helping these businesses overcome challenges, major lenders have typically turned their backs on short-term commercial loans or cited COVID delays. The result? Many brokers are rightly scratching their heads and wondering where their clients’ finances will be found.

The answer is Aquamore.

As a lender of short-term commercial loans and bridging loans, we understand now is the time to give Australian businesses the buoyancy and confidence to pivot, overcome hurdles, and achieve their growth plans. A recent Australian Broker article citing Aquamore’s National Sales Manager, Matthew Porch, “Short-term lenders offer long-lasting benefits”, rightly observed that short-term business finance is crucial if SMEs, sole traders and developers are to remain nimble and grow in the current climate.

So, how does Aquamore swim against the homogenous lending tide and make post-pandemic short-term business finance as accessible as possible? Easy!

1. A short-term business loan is a fast one!

We base our model on dealing exclusively with brokers because we know that’s how small businesses, sole traders, property developers and even larger corporate firms will get their finances fast. Why? Because brokers understand both the lending landscape and the borrower’s situation and can very effectively meet in the middle. This keeps communications clear, pre-emptive and efficient, as opposed to one step forward and two steps back. Add to this a streamlined process and flat management structure, and you have all the building blocks to, well, get to work on building a block (or whatever else it is your business intends to achieve!).

2. Relationships are key to successful short-term finance

Brokers play a significant role in small business success, something we understand and see day-in, day-out. As a result, we work to incentivise repeat business for brokers. For example, a short-term finance loan will probably see the client use the same broker to manage the exit refinance, yes? As such, we make sure the broker receives a clip twice. Making ourselves attractive to brokers also empowers them to diversify into short-term unregulated lending, thus securing additional revenue and a chance to diversify their own business model. And, as all good financial planners will tell you, diversification is key to wealth creation!

3. Speed – our short-term lending is available now

Aquamore’s funding is ready and available for deployment right now. Not next week, not pending a particular caveat, but right now. This positively affects everything from our turnaround time to the most competitive interest rates.

4. Short loans must be flexible

The red tape train doesn’t stop at Aquamore’s station. Document verification is a classic case in point. Is that file still with your accountant? Not to worry, we will move ahead, subject to receipt of all documentation before settlement. If all documents are to hand and approved, then same-day funding is possible, something traditional banks could never deliver.

Such loosening of the bottleneck also extends to payments. We understand that many businesses are accountable to seasons and sector patterns that genuinely affect cash flow. As a result, loan principal repayments are not due until the expiry of the facility, freeing up the client to only focus only on interest repayments for the majority of the loan’s lifespan.

Even the loan amounts themselves are flexible, ranging from $300,000 to $5m. Loan terms vary between three months to two years, with all facilities secured by real estate. And the outcome? We have supported deals for property purchases and land banks to debt restructuring, tax repayment plans and construction.

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We’re here to be a post-pandemic help, not a hindrance, to businesses Australia-wide. If you’re a broker who’s become disillusioned with standard short-term finance in Australia, our team is here to demonstrate just how easy accessing short-term business loans should be, always. Pandemic or not, we want to see Australian business succeed, and we’re here to help make that happen, not prevent it.

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