Is A Secured Business Loan Right For You?

Secured Business Loan

Secured business loans can be the oxygen tank a company needs to overcome a hurdle or springboard to further growth. They are used to purchase property, equipment, or technology assets that contribute to supporting growth, efficiency or expansion. 

Equally, a small business loan is often utilised to help smooth out working capital, such as helping a business to temporarily manage an influx of expenses, including Payroll coinciding with other accounts receivables. 

No matter the purpose, a lot of businesses require funding quickly. But are quick business loans right for every borrower? 

Keep in mind that all secured business loans are not equal., For instance, traditional lenders don’t typically accept applications with a low credit score rating. 

The good news is that there are alternative finance providers that realise that every business has a story, and will consider applications independently of historic metrics, like credit scoring. Aquamore takes this approach. Here’s an overview of what you need to know about our fast business loans:

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Is a small business loan secured or unsecured?

Broadly speaking, secured loans typically require an asset as a condition of borrowing (usually property). Alternatively, unsecured loans don’t require an asset. Aquamore offers secured business loans only and we accept commercial or residential real estate as eligible borrowing collateral. The lender borrows against these assets, which serve as security in the event of a payment default. 

In contrast, an unsecured loan will typically consider the strength (or otherwise) of cash flow. Given the level of risk inherent with an unsecured loan, lending amounts tend to be smaller, but eligibility criteria are stricter, and fees and charges are higher.


When Aquamore’s fast, secured loans may work for your situation

Quick approval processes 

Aquamore is renowned for its simple, quick and flexible application and approval process. 

Credit history won’t necessarily be a barrier 

Importantly, as mentioned earlier, Aquamore will consider businesses with varying credit histories. In contrast to traditional lenders, we prefer to take a more open-minded, holistic approach to loan applications. So if you need a business loan fast, be sure to reach out.

Flexible loan amounts 

What loan amount do you require? Aquamore provides business funding from  $350,000 to $5,000,000. Now that’s a game-changer for a lot of companies!

Visit our borrower case studies to see how other businesses have benefited from Aquamore’s funding..


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Benefits of Aquamore’s short-term commercial loans

Aquamore is increasingly becoming the preferred commercial finance private lender for many Australians.  

  • We’re open-minded and have flexible loan terms.
  • We have competitive and consistent interest rates. 
  • We won’t penalise borrowers if they want to repay the loan faster than the agreed terms.
  • The online application is incredibly user-friendly.
  • We are FAST. You won’t be kept waiting, and you won’t get lost in red tape. 
  • We have generous lending amounts ($350,000 to $5,000,000).

We think we have one of the best business loans in Australia. For commercial loans in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, or in fact, Australia-wide, have your finance broker contact our team or start the business loan online application process here.  Apply today and start growing tomorrow!


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