How a Commercial Loan Can Help Your Business

How a commercial loan can help your business

Unlocking the full potential of your business sometimes requires outside support.

That’s not an indication of weakness or inaptitude; it’s a familiar commercial reality many companies face. It’s not uncommon for businesses to require lending at several different points throughout their life cycle. As the organisation evolves and grows, so do its needs, abilities, and the budget necessary to progress.

Commercial business loans can help facilitate business growth and scale. They can also be used as a form of capital for start-ups to spearhead expansions, build assets, manage working capital, or overcome unforeseen hurdles. In other words, they can be a great tool to get (and stay) ahead.

As a leading private lender in Australia, Aquamore is proud to have financed some $500M to SMEs nationwide since 2016. Over that time, the company has received commercial loan applications for various reasons and needs. Here, we share some of the more common reasons Australian businesses apply for commercial loans.

Do any of these sound familiar? Whether they do or not, we’d love to hear from your broker if your business requires funding to take its next leap… Let us help give your business the boost it deserves!

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What is a commercial loan?

Before examining how commercial loans can help you get ahead, let’s be clear on the definition. Commercial loans provide funding for business needs, such as expanding operations, purchasing equipment, refinancing existing debt and other needs, which we will explore below.

Startup capital

Starting a new venture can be complicated and capital is crucial.

Business expansion

Your business growth might result from increased customer demand, the desire to broaden your geographical reach, diversify your product or service offering, or reach a wider audience.

Purchasing technology or equipment

Commercial funding commonly involves purchasing technology or equipment to help drive efficiencies, diversify product offerings, or increase business outputs to meet current or emerging opportunities. As always, this can be difficult to navigate and is best done through your broker and accountant.

Acquiring working capital

Whether making day-to-day operations smoother or covering short-term expenses, working capital can provide significant ‘breathing room’ for taking care of payroll, purchasing inventory, handling general operational costs, etc.

Purchasing commercial real estate

Purchasing commercial real estate is a common reason businesses require funding from Aquamore. Increasingly, companies also acquire commercial property through a Self-Managed Super Fund loan. If the transaction is through an SMSF, it must be set up and structured correctly prior to seeking property (or finance). Start by speaking with a financial planner and then an accountant.

Inventory financing

Seasonal fluctuations, bulk purchases, unfolding market opportunities, cash flow, and inventory management are common challenges that growing businesses face. Commercial lending can smoothen working capital and boost operations, particularly if the business experiences seasonal fluctuations.

Debt refinancing

Lower interest rates, consolidating debt, extended repayment terms, changing terms and conditions and unexpected access to capital are all reasons a business owner may consider debt restructuring through a commercial financing facility.

Business acquisition

Another common reason for obtaining a commercial finance solution is purchasing an additional business.

If these reasons sound familiar, have your broker contact our business development team today. Find out how easy, fast and flexible our commercial lending can be.
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