What are the Benefits of a Commercial Loan?

Benefits of a Commercial Loan

Getting ahead as an Australian small business can be far from easy, with many owners encountering challenges from day one. 

Fast and fuss-free finance can significantly accelerate and positively affect your business. Here at Aquamore, we’re all about helping you reduce –  or even eliminate – the financial hurdles to help your business to grow and thrive. 

We provide some of the market’s most competitive, flexible and affordable commercial finance. A commercial loan, for instance, can help your business overcome a temporary speed bump or setback. Larger commercial loans are often utilised to make ‘big ticket’ purchases, which help to spearhead long-term growth. A commercial loan also means you don’t have to relinquish equity in your business, meaning you can maintain agency and run the business how you want, not how shareholders tell you. 

However, not all commercial business loans are born equal! Here we explore the benefits of commercial financing, specifically with Aquamore. 


Advantages of Aquamore commercial loans 

Unlike more traditional lenders, Aquamore is exceptionally well-placed to provide bespoke financing to Australian SMEs. Our many competitive advantages include: 

Flexible lending 

Typically, larger more conventional establishments are set in their lending ways, with stringent lending criteria. They are known for strictly adhering to terms regarding loan duration, amount, repayment frequency and eligibility criteria. There is no such thing as ‘fitting a square peg into a round hole.’ 

In contrast, Aquamore understands that Australian small businesses don’t all resemble the same square peg! As such, we provide bespoke arrangements, flexible repayment loan terms, a choice of loan amounts and more. 

Lower interest rates 

What is the interest rate on commercial loans? Aquamore is renowned for its competitive interest rates and transparent loan structures. Have your commercial loan broker contact our team today to find out more. 

Fast and easy online application periods 

Traditional lenders are not usually associated with being nimble. In contrast, Aquamore takes the time to understand small business owners and their needs and tailor an aligned commercial finance solution. We make the application process as quick and painless as possible with minimal paperwork. 

Is it hard to get a commercial loan? Not with Aquamore. The trick to a quick application is to get your documents in order and provide them to your finance loan broker upfront. This enables us to efficiently assess the application and expedite funding.

We keep an open mind towards credit history 

Has something in the past caused your credit rating to drop? An affected credit history will often preclude business borrowers from obtaining a loan from a mainstream lender.  We’re not so black and white. We get that life happens and that credit ratings can be affected for a number of reasons. 

So don’t automatically assume you’re out of the running if you have a not-so-perfect credit rating. But, again, get your finance loan broker to contact our team to consider the full picture – not just the clinical number. 


Types of commercial loans 

Now you’re across the benefits, discover the different financing options available at Aquamore.

Commercial business loans 

Access the capital required to reach your business goals. 

Commercial property loans 

Expand your real estate portfolio with a commercial property loan. 

Secured business loans 

Acquire funding to realise your business vision. 

Short-term commercial loans 

Achieve immediate goals with easy access to fast finance. 

Contact our team if you want to know more

Aquamore is an established and respected private commercial loan lender. Ask your broker to speak to our Business Development team or start the online application process now.

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