5 Reasons Private Lending May Be Better For Business


According to an April 2023 report by ScotPac Business Finance, borrowing by Australian SMEs from non-bank sources last year surged to a record high of 47%, a three-fold increase since 2018. This shift highlights a growing preference for alternative lending solutions.

At Aquamore, we have experienced a significant increase in private lending applications as businesses across Australia seek fast, flexible, and bespoke. Our competitive commercial finance and bridging finance options empower businesses to achieve their growth objectives quickly and efficiently.

If your business needs a cash injection and your finance broker has recommended finding a private lender, Aquamore is here to help. Discover five compelling reasons businesses choose an Aquamore private lender loan to support business growth.

  1. Private business lenders Like Aquamore are usually open-minded

    Do you have a poor credit rating? Are you concerned your business strategy might be too unconventional, and you won’t get the commercial loan you need? You may be right if you sought finance from a traditional lender, like a bank.That’s not the case for private lenders in Australia like Aquamore. We understand businesses experience highs and lows and we are not here to judge. We take an open-minded approach to your business history and your growth plans. Commercial success is not a one-size-fits-all approach; an impaired credit history and ambitious, innovative plans should not hold you back.

  2. Private lender loans like Aquamore are usually fast and flexible

    That prime commercial real estate isn’t going to stay on the market for long. Your employees aren’t going to appreciate a delay in their pay. You won’t get ahead of the competition unless you upgrade your machinery ASAP. Sound familiar?Aquamore appreciates that businesses usually need finance quickly. To expedite access to funding, we’ve made our online loan applications as simple, fast and intuitive as possible for your finance broker to complete on your behalf. If they don’t have all the paperwork right away, don’t worry. Our process enables them to proceed with the application and submit the various documents retrospectively.Once submitted, our team works quickly and efficiently to process your application. No hoops, copious amounts of paperwork, lengthy delays or red tape. Aquamore is here to support business growth.

  3. Aquamore offers affordable, short-term business loans

    Aquamore is a short-term private lender that is genuinely motivated to help your business get ahead. We don’t want you paying off a commercial loan for decades. Instead, we want our private loan finances to help you gain a competitive advantage and empower you to grow to the next level. That’s why we offer short-term, competitive commercial loans between $300k – $5M with repayment terms of three to 24 months.


  4. Aquamore is a private lender renowned for competitive business loans

    Aquamore maintains highly competitive, transparent interest rates. We also offer flexible packages and reasonable terms and conditions. We don’t want your business to just survive; we want it to thrive.

  5. Aquamore private lenders are here to help

    Aquamore is not the kind of private lender that keeps brokers at arm’s length. Our knowledgeable and experienced national Business Development Manager team can provide support and guidance right the way through your application. Our team specialises in property, finance, and management, and we’re here to share that knowledge with your broker.We also want to learn about your circumstances, provide the best loan advice possible, and operate as an engaged funding partner rather than a distant lender.Aquamore is committed to maintaining its reputation as a leading, transparent, fair and flexible private mortgage lender for Australian businesses. If you’ve had enough of inflexible conventional lenders trying to force square pegs into round holes, consider private lending. See how quickly we can open your business to a world of opportunity.

The information provided herewith does not form financial finance, nor is it intended to be a complete and exhaustive list. It is the responsibility of the business and the commercial mortgage broker acting on their behalf to ensure all information is understood.

A private lender provides loans outside the traditional banking system. Private loans tend to be faster, more flexible, and more specialised than those offered through more conventional means.

Any business operating in Australia that offers “financial services” must have an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). Aquamore is an institutionally backed private lender. An Investment Committee and Compliance Committee oversee Aquamore’s funding, which Deloitte or KPMG independently audits.

We hope this information helps you see the benefits of loans from private lenders such as Aquamore. Join hundreds of other Australian SMEs and have your finance broker apply for an Aquamore loan today.

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